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How to set an IVR in Zendesk?

What is an IVR? IVR stands for (Interactive Voice Response). When a customer calls a company for a problem-solving purpose, it helps in contacting that customer with the right agent. We can say that its purpose is to connect calls…

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Integration of Webhook with Zendesk

What is a Webhook? A webhook sends an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request to a specified URL in response to an event, such as a trigger or automation firing in Zendesk Support. Webhooks are used to integrate with third-party services. When…

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How to Create Chatbot in Zendesk?

What is Chatbot? A chatbot is an immediate conversation between the customer and the system without involving the agent. The agent involves only when needed. We can say a chatbot is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based tool. You can design chatbot conversations…

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What are Schedules in Zendesk?

What are schedules? Schedules describe the availability of agents’ working days and hours in Zendesk Support. In other words, we can say that it is a timetable defined in Zendesk Support that describes the availability of agents and services. How…

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What are Macros?

What is a Macro: A macro is a predefined set of actions or responses that are applied to a ticket manually by an agent or admin while creating or updating the tickets. Macros can change the properties of tickets. In…

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Zendesk Custom Automation

Why Zendesk Custom Automation?

If you are using Zendesk for your business and have some complex requirements according to your business usecases then you are at right knowledge article. Zendesk provides a lot of features and room for setting up automation and integrations. Sometimes…

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