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Creating Custom Fields in Sell

As we know, fields are the data spaces or containers to get information from the end-users or team members. Fields are different in nature, such as textual, numerical or check-boxes, etc. Some fields are required defined by the Zendesk system…

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Creating Triggers in Sell

Triggers are the automated set of actions that execute multiple times in Zendesk Sell when the leads, contacts, and deals meet described conditions in triggers. You can perform many actions after updating the leads, contacts, and deals in Sell, such…

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Configuring Customized Agent Statuses

Agent status shows the agent’s interactivity with workspaces or customers. It also shows what type of activity an agent performs with the customers. Some default statuses are available in the Zendesk system, i.e., Offline, Online, Away, and Transfers only. However,…

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Setting Up Dynamic Content in Zendesk

Dynamic content is the feature provided by the Zendesk maintenance authorities to manage language problems or issues. Dynamic content helps someone may, be a user or an end-user, to see the information on their interface according to their local language.…

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