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Managing the Context Panel in Sell

Using the context panel in Zendesk Sell is to keep valuable information about your leads, contacts, and offers at your fingertips. Using context panel can be better for a company to keep records about Sell deal, leads and contacts. Let…

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Release Notes Through 2023-01-11

This Week’s Release Notes: Following ingredients contains release notes: App Marketplace Products Not Updated This Week App Marketplace New: Airfocus (support) Airfocus is a platform designed to transform product management. It provides an all-in-one solution for product teams to manage…

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About the Zendesk Agent Workspace

Zendesk Agent Workspace makes agents able to work with full interest across the Zendesk channels (Email, Voice, Messaging, and Social Channels), all within a single ticket interface. Agents can use appropriate channels to resolve issues without being bound to the…

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