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Dependent Fields in Zendesk

These dependent fields are the fields whose values are dependent on other fields’ values. Varying the value of one field will change the value of other fields. That is why such fields are called dependent fields. Followings are two types…

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Advanced Security Measures in Zendesk

These are some advanced security measures you can add to your security policies that make a website best for Zendesk users at the account security level. These policies ensure your account’s security is at an advanced level. This feature includes…

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Deletion of End-users in Zendesk

As we previously learned about end-users (who do not concern with the backhand working of the system) and adding them to Zendesk based system, let us see how to delete extra end-users who are not more attached or responsive to…

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How to Create Groups in Zendesk

Groups are the collection of multiple agents with the same qualities or abilities to solve a specific type of request or ticket. We can say that it is a agents’ skill-based collection. Groups may be of two types public groups…

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