We specialize in direct engagement with clients to create sustainable partnerships. In fact, we recently helped many clients globally, in the development of their business by providing best CRM solutions.

Volgsol offers top-notch Services & Solutions

With extensive experience in customization and custom software development we can assist you in many different areas – from development phase and UX/UI design to crafting software architecture and QA processes. You can leverage the our expertise acquired through the delivery of many successful projects.

Research & Development

Our on-board IT and business experts provide matching insights that have an immediate impact on the cost and quality of operations. Our skilled R&D team facilitate clients to stay up to date with trending business digitization solutions and help them achieve their goals.

Dedicated Teams

We set up and streamline teams of dedicated software specialists serving as your external IT resources. Dedicated resources are the foundation of IT outsourcing because such teams are scalable and flexible. We always adopt the best project management methodology to fit your needs and requirements.

CRM Consultancy

We provide CRM consulting services which give your business development teams a 360-degree view of your business. We have been chosen as an IT business partners and sub-contractors by leading companies in different industries, delivering our expertise to support our client’s success and digital evolution journeys.

Tech Team Extension

We have resource power to increase the technology stack of your IT teams with experts who specialize in cutting-edge CRM technologies. This is particularly designed for the tech companies looking to boost their IT processes with more talent and keep up their strength in business and technology growth.

Our Specialization

We specialize in direct engagement with clients to create sustainable partnerships. In fact, we recently helped many clients in the development of their business. We are committed to deliver the quality from analysis to deployment phase of software.

Salesforce Administration & Development

When we talk about a 360-degree view of Salesforce CRM comes into play. Increase productivity and revenue with a complete 360 view of customer data.

Suit CRM Customization & Development

Suite CRM is a license-free and open-source tool. Considered as advanced and always innovative with a growing community. Suite CRM is the leading open-source system with worldwide million of users.

Full Stack Sugar CRM Services

Sugar CRM provides businesses with a platform to create extraordinary relationships with their customers. Thus, supporting our clients to build a unique customer journey through a great customer relationship platform.

Integration Services

Connecting end to end systems with API provided by CRMs and third-party software’s. Our integration consultants guide you to connect your system with third parties and have control of features in your hand.

Zendesk CRM

Zendesk provides interactive support, sales, and customer engagement software for businesses. When the high-quality customer support is required, a help desk system like Zendesk can really facilitate your customer support satisfaction.

Data Migration

Migration services help in the process of mirroring data and other business logic from one environment to other. Sometimes we have to move the data and applications to a more effective and reliable environment.

Integration Services