Explore Report on Rejected and Missed Calls by Ticket ID and Agent Leg

This type of reporting in Explore will show how to create a report that provides the view list of tickets where an agent has missed call routing, rejected calls or agent legs (calls initiated by an agent) in a quick way.

What we will need:

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Time required: 10 minutes
  • Zendesk Explore Professional or Enterprise
  • Editor or Admin permissions
  • Ticket data in Zendesk Support

Creating a report on rejected and missed calls by ticket ID and agent’s leg:
Navigate to the following steps to create this report in Explore.
1. In Zendesk Explore, hit click on the reports icon.

2. Click New Report in the Report Library.
3. Select the dataset Talk > Talk – Calls on the Select Dataset page, and click Start Report. The fresh Report Builder will open.
4. Now, add a metric (Metric is the thing you need to measure). In this case, you have to select the metric that shows the number of calls rejected and missed by agents. To do this, click Add in the Metrics section.

5. Select Call Routing to Agents > Declined Call Legs and Missed Calls in the metrics section, then click Apply.
6. Under the Rows, add two attributes that will split the number of tickets by assigned agent and ticket channel, click Add.
7. From the list of attributes, select the following: Ticket > Ticket ID, Call Leg Agent > Leg Agent Name, Time – Leg Start > Part – Timestamp, and Call > Leg Completion Status, and then click Apply.
8. You will see something similar to the following table as below:

9. To display only calls with a stage or segment completion status of Missed and Rejected, click the Leg Completion Status attribute you just added, select Agent Missed and Agent Rejected, and then click Apply.
10. Replace the report name with your own provided name in the place of the default name New Report.
11. Finally, Save it to the dashboard. See Managing the Explore Dashboards.

For further queries regarding the Explore Report on Rejected and Missed Calls by Ticket ID and Agent Leg, please leave a comment below.

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