Why is Zendesk Good for Business?

Zendesk is a CRM based system. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship management”. The system is responsible for establishing good and beneficial business relationships among users (Customers and agents) of a company. Moreover, we can say that it is a cloud-based service that also improves communication among companies and customers.
To make your business good, Zendesk has introduced some products.

1. Zendesk Support (Agent workspace)
2. Zendesk Guide (Help center)
3. Zendesk Gather (Community forum)
4. Zendesk Chat (Live chat and Messaging)
5. Zendesk Talk (Voice)
6. Zendesk Explore (Reporting and analytics)
7. Zendesk Sell (Sales CRM)
8. Zendesk Sunshine (The Zendesk platform)
Let us discuss these products one by one.

1. Zendesk Support:

It is an agent workspace. It provides such an interface to agents of a company where all the requests of customers are kept by default. Agents can perform actions here like commenting on the tickets, prioritizing the tickets, tracking the tickets, changing the status of tickets, etc.

2. Zendesk Guide:

It enables agents to give better knowledge to customers. It is a help center where customers can get help or knowledge by going into FAQs and Announcements. These Announcements and FAQs are made by agents or admins where customers can see information related to their problems. We can say that it guides customers to solve their issues.

3. Zendesk Gather:

As the name describes, this is a place for customers where they can share ideas among them. Here customers can post their ideas in the form of posts, and customers also can see other customers’ posts. Moreover, customers can also share their ideas by comments.

4. Zendesk Chat:

Customers can also contact a company’s agents via chat (Live chat, Messaging). Live chat is based on an AI tool, I.e., chatbots, that can be published on customers’ experienced social sites. It is an immediate conversation between customer and agent without any time consumption. At the same time, messaging is done via the company’s contact numbers.

5. Zendesk Talk:

With this feature, a customer can contact a company via phone calls. Customers and agents can directly create connections to solve problems by dialling company-provided phone numbers. Agents can use IVR menus to get the primary reason a customer is calling. This way, agents can prepare to answer the customer’s questions.

6. Zendesk Explore:

This feature of Zendesk is used to analyze the data of other products like as: support, gather, guide, sell etc. The main function of Zendesk explore is to analyze the data and create a report on the agent’s required data. Moreover, an agent or admin can also edit the reports in the explore.

7. Zendesk Sell:

It is a CRM-based system that keeps all the data of customers. Its main responsibility is to increase pipelines’ productivity, processes and visibility. It consists of three parts: deals, leads, and contacts. Deals are made through leads and contacts.

8. Zendesk Sunshine:

Zendesk has introduced this product to give privileges to company owners to integrate their business information (data source) into CRM data. It helps a company to see their customers’ backgrounds using data sources. Moreover, you can customize your business’s system setting by connecting with it.
As we saw that these are the Zendesk products and how are they good for business.

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