Managing Agent Interface in Zendesk

The word “Agent Interface” is the combination of two concepts, agent and interface. Agents are the people or team members assigned tickets and serve their customers to provide them best solutions on behalf of the company. At the same time, the interface is the display or screen where the customers appear or interact with agents and ask for help or service. Being the world’s best CRMs platform, Zendesk has the world’s best agent interface, which is agent friendly and quite different from the customer interface. Agent interface has all the necessary privileges here, which concern an agent for solving the customer’s problem. Any Zendek admin can manage the agent interface according to company needs. The agent interface is also known as the agent workspace (place of work for an agent). Let us see how to manage the agent workspace.

How to manage the agent interface?
Navigate to the following path to manage the agent interface.
Admin Center > Workspaces > Agent tools > Agent interface.
You will be shown a page named “Agents” as you navigate the described path. Let us see all the points one by one.

1.Agent Workspace:
In this section, an admin can turn the agent workspace on or off by clicking on the link Agent Workspace page. Remember that if you turn the agent workspace off, your agents won’t be able to manage their agent workspace, and only the admin can do all other settings if the agent workspace is off.

2. Focus mode:
Enabling this feature will not route any inbound chat and talk to agents until they complete their current conversation. To do so, enable the checkbox Enable Focus mode for live channels.

3. Signature:
The signature can be added to emails and chats that shows the conversation and customer relation to an agent. The signatures can be edited according to requirements with the help of placeholders.

4. Ticket deletion:
Enabling this feature, an agent can delete the tickets. To do so, enable the checkbox Agents can delete tickets.

5. Email forwarding:
Sometimes agents receive the company’s tickets or emails on their personal email addresses, and then the agent forwards that email to the company address. Enabling this feature will create the ticket on behalf of the real sender (customer) after forwarding. To do so, enable the checkbox Enable email forwarding.

6. Light Agent access:
In this section, the light agent’s access is defined to approach the company tickets. You can select the ticket type that a light agent can access from the drop-down What kind of tickets can this agent access? Enable the checkbox Agent can assign to any group (applicable when agent is requester) if needed. And set the light agent permissions for the reports from the drop-down What can this agent do with reports?

7. Organization list:
Enabling the Enable organization list checkbox will allow agents to see all the organizations in one list.

8. Customer profile page:
That is the new feature introduced by Zendesk authorities. Enabling this feature will allow agents to find customers’ data or information easily. To do so, enable the checkbox Activate Customer profile.

When all the settings are done, review them and click on the Save button to load and apply them to all agent interfaces.

If the agent workspace is turned off, only the admins can manage the agent interface.
If the agent interface is turned on , the agents can also manage the agent interface.

That was the detailed blog about managing the agent interface. For further queries regarding the Managing Agent Interface in Zendesk, please leave a comment below.

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