End-user Authentication in Zendesk

In this type of user authentication, end-user accounts are kept secure by defining the conditions while logging in so that no other illegal users can access their accounts. And all the data or information in their account will remain secure.

How to set up these authentication settings?
Navigate to the following steps for setting up authentication setup:
Admin Center > Accounts > Security > End user authentication > “Tickets, help center, and community” the tab.
1. Check the Zendesk authentication checkbox.

2. A drop-down will be shown.

3. Select any one of the following types of security levels. Each level will have different types of conditions based on its nature.
4. You can select some other platforms for Social login.

5. You can Save it here, and your setting will be applied to your Zendesk website.
6. In the External authentication section.
7. You can also configure Single sign-on (SSO) conditions for security purposes. Single sign-on contains some additional sign-in options that are provided for the convenience of team members.

All these settings will result in this type of view.

For further queries regarding end-user authentication, please leave a comment below.

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