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Salesforce Winter’22 Release Interesting Features

It is hard to accept that Winter 21 is already almost upon us. Summer twenty delayed. So that it is a part of the quick turnaround with huge enhancement, but I think you people feeling that time, it is hard to get a handle on it. Salesforce releases keep the footslog on, so here we are with Winter 21.

I hope everyone is doing well. The Winter 21 releases are no different. The tackling is all of these features are for thunderstruck. 

Now, I call out everything that happens to work on Classic as well. Here we go.

  • Dynamic Forms & Actions – This is doubtless. The is the set of features that are coming with Winter 21. A new operation is still another massive usability improvement. It allows you to create page layouts having dynamic fields and section fields and actions based on data within the page layout. Also, you can make an entire section field and set the vital filters for the complete section. The users want more of this feature. So, if once you roll this, get ready for more requests. 
  • Evoke Opportunity Swap – Basically, from Opportunity List Views and Kanban view, you can now see more Opportunities that have had their Closed Date within the previous seven days. It is a noble feature for managers, as you can make a pipeline dashboard and see how your pipeline is moving. One thing is strange here that the release notes say this is only available with unlimited edition.
  • Salesforce Everywhere – Salesforce Everywhere is being listed as a Winter 21 release. It is a new feature within Salesforce in which Everywhere is Zoom meshing and real-time chat. With the Zoom integration, you can trigger a Zoom session within Salesforce – which is timely with everyone being remotely these days Salesforce anywhere.
  • Einstein Search Enhancements – This gains a cluster of enhancements in this release. It works as a user, be likely to be working in correlated Cases, Accounts, Projects, and Opportunities over different periods. The personalized search is learning from that behavior and ranking records you have recently searched for, above records that might have a slightly higher keyword density but you have ignored. It also sums up weight to record ownership. If you have not turned on this, you are doing your users injustice. They might not notice it, but this is a super helpful and a time saver feature.
  • Voice for Sales – For Winter 21, it is now within easy reach with Sales Cloud. We just did a forum walking through all of the great functionalities in Service Cloud Voice. It is worth checking out even for Sales as the operations are mostly the same still. 
  • In-App Guidance & Help New Features – Winter 21 sums up more features. Firstly, you can now add instructions to new, edit, and cloned pages include dialogs. So, it is visible to the user as soon as they enter the record. It is useful your users are ready to fire away and starting adding or editing data. Great time to hit them with some guidance on what you expect for them. Second, you can now send users personally to an in-app guidance flow with a URL. Make sure this only works with active instruction flows. On the help menu side, we can get two additional improvements. The first one is the help now searches your Trailhead content. It displays only Salesforce product instructions, so this is an enhancement to centralize benefits. If you’ve augmented it with My Trailhead. Also, you can now add up to 30 resources into the custom section of the help menu.
  • Auto-Add New Fields to Custom Report – When you add a new field to any object, you have the choice to automatically add this field to custom report types that hold that object.
  • Expanded Hovers – A few enhancements here. When highlight panels, you hover over a lookup field that can show the first seven fields from within the solid design. 
  • Email Enhancements –Now, users can schedule their list email blasts. In advancement, the file size limit for emails has been increased 35MB from 25MB. Now a user can use the new Email template Builder to drag elements into a template. Without having to bias on marketing than to do it.
  • Einstein Activity Capture – In enhancement, you can handle the direction of the Events and Contacts syncs for the first time, helping them go in both directions from Salesforce to your connect account. Now users can manually add emails from outlook email. It is a much-needed operation.
  • Optimize Opportunity Scoring – From the Opportunity Scoring setup flow. You can now set any criteria. It allows you to sharpen your model and conditionally filters out outlier fields and records. 
  • Lead Scoring with Less Data – Companies that do not have a lot of lead data. Now those companies can take benefit from Einstein Lead Scoring as well. Earlier, you must require at least 1,000 fresh leads and 120 lead conversions in the last six months for Einstein Lead Scoring to build its model. Now, it is taking the benefit of broader. 
  • Lightning Your Page Performance –Now we can use a new utility to measure how Lightning pages are performing. Admins will love this; you will get a grade on a Lightning Page’s performance and few instructions.
  • Cloud Updates – Cloud gets a cluster of interesting new features. Now, you can automatically calculate your account forecasts by choosing the sales to ratify that should apply to the divine. Users can create a view list of applicable Sales assent and select that view list within the forecast.
  • High-Velocity Sales Enhancements – Call Coaching analyzes recordings of your calls clutch AI and allows managers to get awareness to help their reps improve. We get two new types of awareness Challenges and Trending. Trending is interesting as it looks across recordings for words that are trending. It is a wild improvement as these trending words need to be new trends.
  • Collaborative Forecasts Updates – This release brings two quick updates to Collaborative Forecasts. Firstly, mobile forecasts are now available on Android. Earlier it only worked on IOS. Secondly, you can update Opportunity Steps view the inline modifying from the forecasts page. 
  • Improvement to Assigning a Territory to Opportunities – Now, users can assign the territory while making an Opportunity. Earlier, you were required to build an opportunity and then recall to modify it to get the region opportunity territories.
  • Profile Filtering – Now you can restrict users from looking at profile settings that are not their own. Or they can’t view what other users are allowed to do. As an admin, if you want to grant this, but if you have sensitive issues around who has the rights to do fixed measures.
  • Permission Set Groups for Professional Edition – When you get Einstein Search now, you also get Permission Set Groups. Professional Edition Users now can make up to ten permission set groups. 

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