NPSP Health Check

What is Salesforce NPSP Health Check?

Like humans and machines need a physical health check up with doctor, software also need it. It’s a great utility from Salesforce to check your org health at some interval of time. NPSP health check is basically an audit of your org or diagnosis of org implementation. The health check covers the technical, business and implementation structure of the whole org’s ecosystem.

Sometimes when users are not using Salesforce as expected then there is a possibility that they are not getting the most of it. At a certain point, the org might keep on throwing errors and exceptions to fix issues in system. NPSP has scheduled and run many jobs in the background that perform various routines like calculating rollups for donation dates and amounts, donor engagements and setting up levels. These background jobs also don’t work properly if we don’t maintain the good data and structure in org. Obviously, when the data is not good and underlying jobs are not working as expected so this affects the accuracy of the reports, dashboards and automations implemented in Salesforce.

NPSP health check utility is very easy to use and presents a very detailed analysis report of each aspect of the system that need to be reviewed and fix to work properly. There are many issues that can be fixed without any technical assistance, but some problems really need consultant advices.

Benefits of NPSP Health Check:

  1. Help the admins to inspect around the house if any maintenance is required
  2. Keep issues out of the system if it is running regularly after an interval
  3. Shares the tips and recommendation for resolving most of the warnings
  4. Inform about any settings that keep the system out of sync or incomplete data

and many more. Have a look at this trailhead to run the health check utility

If you are still looking for assistance to have a detailed analysis of your NPSP health check detailed report. Feel free to ask our NPSP experts.

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