Most Interesting Features of MOAR in Winter 22

Train your end-users for extraordinary features of MOAR:

Are you ready to lead new Winter ’22 features to your end-users?

As admins, we are the diplomat of Salesforce within our companies. So, we need to realize and high spot new features for our end-users to help raise their productivity.

After you read the below features, I highly stimulate you to take time to test these new user features in your Winter ’22 sandbox previous to the Winter ’22 improvement in your Production org. Check the Maintenance Calendar when your Salesforce org will acquire the Winter ’22 features.

Tiny upcoming and behind schedule activities your way:

Now, your users can select the exhibit order of upcoming operations and meetings in a way that builds the most sense to the mind, and it all depends upon your user’s choice. Earlier, the activity with the closest due date appeared at the base of the list if your end-users want to see the earlier Upcoming & Behind-Schedule activities. First, they click on the gear icon in the Activities component and alter the design order. Voila! The earlier upcoming or behind-schedule activities have appeared at the top of the list.

Report activities or operations more precisely:

Use the new field Completed Date Time to display the time and the date that an operation completed. Now Add the Completed Date to your activities(task or event) page layout. Formerly your user completes the activities. Then the Completed Date is accordingly settled.

Lightning email template:

Now, your subject line can carry up to 1,000 characters. On the other hand, earlier you can just carry only 230 characters.

Add rows and columns:

Here we use the Layout component to smoothly add a row to your Email Template Builder. Choose a layout along with no columns. Now, to add a row utilizing a similar layout you just click on the copy icon within the layout. Or, drag a new layout scheme for your new row.

Add indentations in rich text components:

The scratched text makes visual diversity and arranges text in your email templates.

Personalize your end-users content with Mobile Home:

Personalize your end-users content with Mobile Home:

Mobile Home is overall obtainable as a standard map-reading element for the Salesforce mobile app on iOS and Android. It is a landing page on which your end users can personalize their content. As an admin, you can also add  Mobile Home to any Android or IOS Lightning app in Setup. When added, the Mobile Home tab will only show on users’ mobile devices, not on their desktops.



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