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Muhammad Usman Khan

Integration of Hubspot with Zendesk

Why do you need Integration of HubSpot with Zendesk? The purpose of integrating HubSpot with Zendesk is to allow HubSpot users to access all the Zendesk data ( tickets, chat transcripts, calling information) at the HubSpot interface. This will provide…

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Routing in Zendesk

Let us see what is skill-based routing and how it works and is applied to tickets. What is routing? Routing means connecting customers or end-users to the right agent based on his skills. These skills may be location-based or language-based.…

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What are Brands?

Let us discuss the brands in Zendesk and take a look at their creation. What is a Brand? A brand is a company to whom the end-users submit requests. It is a group of users (Admins, Agents and End-users), organizations…

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