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Muhammad Usman Khan

What are Automations in Zendesk?

Describe the Automation: Automations are the same as we discussed triggers. Both are used to change the ticket properties, notify users and change the properties. The difference is that automations execute when a timed event occurs after a ticket property…

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What are Triggers in Zendesk?

What is a Trigger? A Trigger is the set of rules applied to a ticket whenever the ticket is created or updated. Triggers can also notify the agents and customers when they are added. In Zendesk the main thing is…

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How to Create Fields in Zendesk?

What are fields? Fields are the spaces used in the ticket forms to get information from the customer about their problems. Fields can be created on both the agent and customer sides. For example, if you are working for an…

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What are Views in Zendesk?

What are Views? Views are the ways to keep the tickets in an organized manner. It keeps all the types of tickets in separate lists form on their property base. For this purpose we have to make the views that…

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