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Npsp Household Model - Salesforce

Salesforce NPSP platform plays around the base elements such as Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. Every Salesforce cloud has a model and architecture designed to get the most of it. NPSP has two household models for managing Accounts in Salesforce.

  1. Household Account Model
  2. Person Accounts

We’ll focus on Household model here only.

Household Account Model:

Household by name it gives a look of the house and its members. NPSP wants to depict the same concept for Non-profits in household model. This model is not meant for B2B like normal clouds but more for non-profits. Here people(Contacts) represent the donors. Accounts represent the House which the donors are the members. Opportunities are actually donations. On the contrary, B2B represent these objects differently where Accounts represent Companies to track, contacts are people associated with companies and Opportunities are deals on customers.

By design, household model has many features for non-profits like address and household members management. Many triggers and background jobs run behind the scenes to keep the records healthy in Salesforce. There it is the recommended and default model to applicable in NPSP.

Consider an example where a father, mother, daughter and sister donates to a non profit then household model will show you the link and relationship between donors at a glance. In this way individual donors and families donor can be engaged in a productive way. Campaigns can be executed for individual donors to promote their families to donate. Family donors can be more appreciated to bring the relatives and many more depending upon your data trends.

NPSP also supports Organizational Accounts. As the name represents, NPSP lets you introduce the organizations and other non-profits in Salesforce. These organization are not business companies but the other non-profits which funds your non-profit, partner with you, sponsor you or business that employ your donors. The Organizational account lets you affiliate your donors with companies and organization to see their current and ex employer in Salesforce. In this way you have good idea about the donors and volunteers about their relation and experience.

You can reach out to Volgsol non-profit consultants which have experience to set up NPSP from start to overall configurations and customization.

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